Why do Democrats act as if Rick Perry is the only Republican running for the office?

Posted on December 26th, 2011 by admin1 in running for republican office

He is the only real threat to Obama’s re-election.

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  1. El Tecolote

    Because he’s the one who worries them.References :

  2. Pastels

    To draw attention away from the others.References :

  3. Mr Wolf

    Conservatives and other Republicans are attacking Perry harder than any Democrat.

    Bachmann says she’ll fight "Perrycare," as she likens her rival’s executive order on HPV to President Obama’s health care law.

    Bachmann also criticized Perry for "crony capitalism," suggesting that his actions were tied to political donations from Merck, the maker of the vaccine.References :

  4. Amerikalegball

    ‘cuz of afraidReferences :

  5. FLSwampBoy

    Because he’s at the top of your own GOP polls.

    Plus, your media (Fox News) rarely even mentions Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann.

    Complain to them, not us…References :

  6. Hit Girl

    It drives them nuts knowing someone like Perry could crush Obama at the polls.References :

  7. beautyinrelease

    He is the only real threat to Obama’s re-election.References :


    Obviously they see him as the most likely opponent.References :

  9. John Wayne Fan

    Well I listen to AM radio and still here a ton of stuff on Romney. I’m a Ron Paul guy myself.References :

  10. The Blunt Ugly Truth

    Probably because he’s the only one who has a slightly remote chance at being president. We aren’t afraid of the others because the others are joke candidates: the elitist flip-flopping mormon, the batshit crazy woman with the gay husband, or Ron Paul, who has a very limited base of support.References :

  11. Di

    Ignoring the rest of the contenders means – in their view – they don’t exist. They prefer to focus on one thing at a time – like their leader.References :

  12. libsticker

    He is now in their cross hairs, they already have attacked Romney, Gingrich, Palin and Bachmann, it is just his turn in the liberal barrel. These marginalize them strategy is not working, but failing has never stopped a democrat, just look at Obama’s failures and still he uses the same old worn out speech.References :

  13. Bryan

    Because Perry is the front runner in the polls. Before Perry entered the race Romney was the front runner and getting the majority of the criticism. Nothing special here. The front runner will always garner the largest focus. It doesn’t help that there is just simply a lot regarding Perry not to like. I am a conservative, I didn’t vote for Perry for governor and won’t vote for him to be President either. His record is definitely not what he is trying to portray it as.References :

  14. Jason HCK

    Because the media is shoving him down our throats as our "front-runner" at this point, but I’m not buying it. The guy’s a liberal douchebag and certainly doesn’t have my support… or the support of any other conservatives I know.

    Bachmann 2012.

    References :

  15. Shaun Holt

    Because he is the one they fear the most. Romney has been around for a while, and only averaged around 28% support. Perry jumps in and is in the upper 40s. He is the greater challenger at the moment, so they focus on him.References :

  16. Donovan

    The cowboy from Texas is the only one electable from the subhuman, fascist Republican base.

    Last time we got a cowboy from Texas we got screwed. So I’m really now afraid of him. I know he’s not going to win.References :

  17. Jacob W

    They will simply keep switching their focus on the front runner. They have nothing to offer. All they can do is try to destroy their opponents on a personal level.

    It won’t make any difference in 2012.

    *References :

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