If you were a Republican running for political office – would you want Sarah Palin to endorse you?

Posted on February 21st, 2011 by admin1 in running for republican office

No, but if I were a Democrat running for office, I’d want her to endorse my opponent.

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  1. Jimmbbo

    You betcha! She’s backing WINNERS… and driving the libs underwear right into their crotch!!

    Ain’t it great!?References :

  2. Caribou "QUIT" Barbie™


    I would not. However, she is endorsing candidates at the last second. Does anybody notice that? It makes her look good.References : "South Carolina congressional candidate Tim Scott has won the endorsement of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a coup for the Republican just days before Tuesday’s primary runoff"

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0610/38757.html#ixzz0rQy6uUnI

  3. Brian

    I am a Democrat but yes I would be happy to get her endorsement..

    I would hardly call 4 1/2 months before the election the last minute..References :

  4. Capt Cold

    No, but if I were a Democrat running for office, I’d want her to endorse my opponent.References :

  5. Smurf [Libertarian lemon Ganesh]

    No. I’d want Ron Paul-like Republicans to back me, not neo-cons.References :

  6. God Bless America

    It wouldn’t hurt your campaign, so yes.References :

  7. El Tecolote

    Hell no. I wouldn’t want her endorsing me any more than a Democrat candidate would want President Obama endorsing him/her.

    (Just ask Barbara Boxer; every time the President comes within three states of California, her numbers drop ten points.)References :

  8. LJP

    No. I was stunned that Rand Paul accepted the endorsement. This woman also endorsed McCain. These Republicans are going to destroy our party hanging on to this complete moron whose entire family is running around capitalizing on her fame.References :

  9. Ð4MÃN!™ (End the Fed!)

    I’m not gonna say no, I’m gonna say Hell no!

    Sarah Palin sucks.References :

  10. Candi

    You betcha she’s packin’ weiners.References :


    I’m celebrating Father’s Day with the grandparents in District 23. That was the kiss of death in this region. They sent the first Democrat to Congress since the Civil War. My Conservative Catholic grandparemts feel that Palin was only selected as an affirmative action candidate who has made her money off of speculating running for office.References :

  12. poop

    No, I would want her to blow me.References :

  13. frm7716

    Well the ones she endorses usually win, the ones Obama endorses usually lose, so yes!References :

  14. Eugene

    Hell no, the point is to get elected not crash and burn. Obviously I hope she endorses all Republicans and runs for President in a few years.References :

  15. Anonymous

    Better than Obama cuz well, a teleprompter costs moneyReferences :

  16. white devil

    Since I am a REAL conservative ( who wouldn’t campaign with RINO’s like McLame ) Not really….

    I bet with his track record Democrats don’t want Owebama endorsing them either….. its seems to be the kiss of death.References :

  17. Demsmierda


    But Democrats don’t want Obama to even fly over their state.

    They want Obama to Stay Away.References :

  18. Princess Psycho

    No you would prefer to have the endorsement of a respected politician she was the kiss of Death to John McCain’s presidential campaign so most Republicans would try to get away from her.References :

  19. Baddog

    No, but I have some pleasurable ideas about what she could do….lolReferences :

  20. LibertyLover101

    Absolutely Not!….She is not a Conservative. Palin believes in growing the power of centralized power. She is Pro Regulation. She believes that adults don’t own their own bodies, and something as trivial as Marijuana should be illegal by government force.
    Palin also just a couple of weeks ago said that she believes Preemptive War is a good idea.

    When she ran for Vice President she would have said anything she was told too, contrary to right and wrong. She was so uncomfortable because she didn’t know what they wanted her to say. She was a puppet promised riches.

    No. The real Leader of the Constitutional Party is Ron Paul. He is an honest man who never waivers on his beliefs. Doctor Paul understands what true liberty and freedom mean.

    She is a Republican Party TOTE the LINE liar, just like McCain and Bush and Cheney and the rest of those War monger criminals.

    If people haven’t figured it out yet, let me clue you in. Both parties are run by a few Elite people. It’s a two headed one party system designed to give the illusion of choice.

    Both Parties are for growing the size and scope of Government!References :

  21. Jen

    Only in a red state primary. Palin’s support only provides votes from the far right wing of the GOP, which doesn’t bode well for a general election candidate.References :

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