I understand that half the republicans running for office are racists . Is this an accurate statement?

Posted on March 23rd, 2011 by admin1 in running for republican office

They have no time to answer any questions from those in a minority position in America .

Good for them till the minority assimilates into the community and asks its questions in a forum of all races we should applaud the republicans for taking a stand and not supporting separate but equal .

If you consider yourself an equal, don’t expect being pandered to and receiving special treatment. End of report.

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  1. suthrnlyts

    If you consider yourself an equal, don’t expect being pandered to and receiving special treatment. End of report.References :

  2. jrldsmith

    Very well said!References :

  3. PNAC ~ Penelope

    Incorrect. All of them are racist and homophobes who eat small children:)References :

  4. little red X

    And Im sure even YOU and your great wisdom can PROVE this right?References :

  5. CAIN

    Yes they all like NASCAR!~!References :

  6. human_beings_are_idiots

    Everyone’s a little bit racist.References :

  7. replicant21

    Anyone who recognizes a black man as a black man and a white man as a white man is racist.

    Recognizing a race makes you racist.

    There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Discriminating needlessly because of an unreasonable preference toward one race over another is wrong.References :

  8. booman

    Which half?References :

  9. Jerry C

    Can you provide proof that they are racist or is this simply another attempt by Democrats to smear Republicans?

    Do you honestly feel that someone should get preferance in a job not because of their qualifications, but because of the color of their skin?References :

  10. tll

    Well… I dont think they are racist…I agree w/ southernlytes up there…if you expect to be treated as equal then dont expect special treatment…..we are all equal, whether you are a "minority" or not! Do not expect others to treat you specially…..References :

  11. That Guy Over There

    AGAIN… "I don’t like/agree with them…therefore, they are racist"….. That gets old.References :

  12. Cookies, anyone?

    A good stance, I commend you. Can you imagine the uproar if we had a White Miss America pageant? Same thing…..Democrats are good at divide and conquer….
    Who are the real racists??References :

  13. ruth

    I do not consider making the choice to not engage in a race game to be racist.

    In fact, unless one is Dr. Phil or TD Jakes, it’s not even prudent.References :

  14. bored

    Since when did pandering to a certain group become mandatory to be a leader. the purpose of gov. is for all the citizenry, not just special groups.References :

  15. Darth Vader

    That is totally false!

    It is more like 75% of Republicans running for office.References :

  16. tinker thinker

    It’s better than being a terrorist supporter which all on the left have shown they are.

    BTW~ isn’t calling someone a minority profiling them?References :

  17. xenypoo

    If folks who think loving their country, and their citizens, and wanting us all to bond under one official language, guarding and protecting the land we love against those who would harm us, and it, like ILLEGAL aliens are trying to do, as well as some leaders of other countries than America, are racist, then yeah!
    If THAT is the NEW definition of Racist, then I am one, too!!!!!!

    God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!References :

  18. Freethinker

    What do you base your question on, is it only because no one wants Obama in office, whoo isnt even an American… and they feel a sense of wanting to protect their Country..then yeah I guess you could call it that..

    You Libs can call it anything you want, its a free Country!References :

  19. Ahcho A

    No it’s not an accurate statement but Obama sure is a racist. He has made many speeches showing his hate one being the speech he made about the racial riots across the country if he wasn’t elected not to mention he used to have a racist web site.References :



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