Republican evolutionists, why do you tolerate creationists in your party?

Posted on May 30th, 2011 by admin1 in republican marketing firm

Surely the market follows economic laws as outlined by Adam Smith in "The Wealth of Nations". There is no "intelligent design" of the economy. Similarly laws operate in biology as well (ie. natural selection). Living organisms adapt to changes in the environment, just as firms adjust to changes in the market. There is constant adaptation.

"The hypothetical [ecosystem] planner that I have imagined is a certain king of economist, a welfare economist calculating an optimum strategy for a whole population, or an entire ecosystem. If we must make economic analogies [of natural selection], we should think instead of Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’. " – Richard Dawkins

NB: I am referring to the creationists’ pseudo-scientific ideas, not their religious or moral beliefs, so keep things in perspective. Economics and biology follow laws whether you believe in God or not.

The only person who I know who doesn’t believe in evolution voted for Obama. She was a redhead girl I knew. She was cute. Just saying.

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  1. smsmith500

    We believe in diversity, you ought to try it sometime.References :

  2. Judicator

    You missed out on what "intelligent design" is. It simply a theory that points out that life didn’t start with random luck, that there is some structure or pattern. And the direction of life or it’s evolution thereafter was not random, but "intelligent". Nothing inherently religious about it.

    More toward the question now, why beat up a general ally if you agree on issues that you have deemed more important? In this case fiscal issues.References :

  3. Sean G

    Because unlike Democrats, Republicans are not intolerant of different views within the party. We allow other points of view. Unlike the SEIU democrat thugs who beat the black man because he had a different viewpoint, we don’t beat people up.References :

  4. Andy

    The only person who I know who doesn’t believe in evolution voted for Obama. She was a redhead girl I knew. She was cute. Just saying.References :

  5. Tom

    Are you for real? No, I don’t think so. Nobody is that stupid. Stop pretending.References :

  6. RLP

    Why can’t evolution BE the way God created things…References :

  7. RayHere

    So y’all think the Creator might be an economist So what might his name be Morey?References :

  8. dnafairy

    Why do Democrats tolerate pro-lifers in their party?

    Same answers to the question. Votes.References :

  9. nathan

    Creationists are stubborn when it comes to believing biochemical facts rather than irrational supposition- I apologize for our using intellect in an argument-its an unfair advantage.References :

  10. Apocalypse Now then Genesis

    Because a handful of Republicans and I do mean a handful did evolve. The rest had to be created, due to lack of sex education in Republican dominated schools. I wonder who created them?References :

  11. Ola

    Not everyone in each party believes in exactly the same ideas. For example I am Pro-Choice, evolutionist but strongly fiscally conservative. Fiscal trumps all else. And frankly I find a few creationists much less offensive to me than some of the real wackos in the other party.
    For example I hope the socialists are taking a good look at Greece right now. Do you really want to be like that? A few creationists are truly not much to worry about compared to socialism.References :


    unwavering belief in the free market fits well with the religious views of the republican party. they believe the "invisible hand" is going to magically fix everything, that the market is perfect and always works everything out when this of course is not the case. economics is a social science, the laws are hardly comparable to hard sciences or mathematics. you can even begin to see the dismissive way economics is treated in certain circles with your dawkins quote. "if we MUST make economic analogies."References :

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