Is this what the republicans call socialism?

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Republicans claim they want less government. Less interference in business. Less regulation. Less taxes. Why, then, are they quick to run to government for handouts? We see the handouts in the form of government subsidizing everywhere from the farming industry to the airline industry . We see it within the auto industry to the software industry. We bail out banks, savings & loans, and investment firms.
We bail out these businesses because they have failed due to poor business decisions. Meanwhile they continue to give the very CEO’s making these devastating decisions record bonuses. In bankrupts courts, judges are allowing bonuses to these executives, despite the fact the company will leave unpaid money it owes to it’s employees, its creditors, and sometimes even its customers. No doubt most CEO’s and executives are Republicans who oppose so-called socialistic Dems like Obama.
My question is “Why are free-market Capitalistic Republicans” in favor of this kind of socialism? Why do pro-business Republicans support Corporate welfare yet claim Obama’s platform is some form of Marxism?

Johnny Reb: Lincoln didn’t say that (though he is incorrectly given credit). Rev. Boetscher said that 75 years ago.

And to those who blame the Dems for the bailouts: my gosh, you are certainly so far up the Reps behinds that you want to blame it all on the Dems. It is NOT the Dems who bail out, it is the Federal Reserve who does it.

Additionally, I never once mentioned a Republican politician. Not once. I am complaining about the REPUBLICAN VOTER. Those fat cats who live in their multi million dollar homes paid for by the sweat of the workers under them and subsidized by MY (and your) tax dollar. Wake up. Unless you have been featured Fortune 500, the Rep politicians DO NOT REPRESENT YOUR INTERESTS.
What do you call giving subsidies to industries? Isn’t that a form of socialism? and if you have a link to refute my question, then post it. And not a right wing rag like the Washington Examiner. Or giving pharma the rights to medicare part D.

I think the Republicans will call anything socialism if it isn’t a handout to their own personal interests.

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  1. Free At Last

    Here is what the Republicans consider socialism:
    "Feed the Poor" and "Anoint the wounds of the afflicted"References :

  2. John Doe

    Look up the definition of "rant".References :

  3. FLbeachGrl

    This is not a question, this is a rant.References :

  4. Derek

    Actually a few of them do.

    I like my taxes low.

    I don’t like wars, corporatism, banking cartels, hypocrisy and despotism. So I guess I’m SOL when it comes to a party on that. But I don’t like the mere notion of getting my taxes raised, especially with such little return.

    So, that coupled with loving God and having a pair of testicles prevents me from becoming a Democrat.References :

  5. El Marxista

    I agree with you, but I also agree with the cons, this is just a rant.References :

  6. ReasoningWithFacts

    You can come out of your coma ? These are issues you are deaf , dumb and blind on !

    No jobs were created in America last month (even as the number of people in need of jobs rose), but that hasn’t stopped Obama from doubling down on his failed economic policies. Obama is planning to spend billions more on green-jobs fantasies and boondoggles as a snake-oil “cure” for the bad economy. At, Merrill Matthews chronicles some of the past green-jobs failures that cost taxpayers billions while creating no lasting jobs and leaving creditors on the hook for unpaid loans:
    Even as the president claims he is now laser-focused on job creation, he wants the public to forget all of his previous taxpayer-funded efforts to create those “green jobs” of the future, many of which have been abject failures. Like the $20 million federal grant given to Seattle to weatherize houses. The promise? To create “2,000 living-wage jobs in Seattle and retrofitting 2,000 homes in poorer neighborhoods,” according to the SeattlePI. The reality a year later, “only three homes had been retrofitted and just 14 new jobs have emerged from the program.”

    The much-hyped company Solyndra, which manufactures—um, make that “manufactured”—solar technology, has closed its doors and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Only a year ago Obama gave it $535 million in low-cost loan guarantees, touting the company “as a prime example of how green technology could deliver jobs,” according to an NBC-affiliate report. Now another 1,000 people have become unemployed victims of Obama’s job-creating skills. And taxpayers have become victims of another half-billion dollars sucked down the Obama job-creating drain. . .

    Perhaps the best example of the president’s job-creation failures is his “green car” efforts. Talk about driving the economy into the ground! The president has set a goal of 1 million plug-in cars by 2015. And so he started doling out taxpayer money, announcing a $2.4 billion program in March 2009. Since the government was a majority stakeholder in GM at the time, the Chevy Volt became a model to be emulated. Except … well, nobody wants it. GM only sold 125 Volts in July—and that’s with the government buying some of them. At that blistering sales pace we could hit, oh, maybe 4,000 on the road by 2015.

    National Review’s Rich Lowry calls the Solyndra debacle and its unemployed workers “Obama’s Enron.” Obama said last year, “The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra.” But if that were true, it never would have needed half a billion of our tax dollars in the first place — tax dollars now lost due to Solyndra’s bankruptcy.

    AsThe Washington Examiner notes,

    At the time Solyndra received its grant, Vice President Biden said that the Solyndra investment is “exactly what the Recovery Act is all about.” Now that events have proven Biden right — that is, now that Solyndra is a demonstrated failure like the stimulus package as a whole — the Obama administration is wholly unrepentant and plans to continue the waste. “The project that we supported succeeded,” Energy Department spokesman Damien LaVera said Wednesday. So a bankrupt firm lays off all of its workers after blowing through half a billion in private venture capital, then consuming half-a-billion in taxpayer-subsidized loans, and this is a “success?” What would failure look like?

    The Examiner was right to decry the $800 billion stimulus package as a failure. The stimulus package contained misguided provisions that ignited trade wars with foreign countries such as Mexico, wiping out jobs in America’s export sector and aggravating the U.S. trade deficit. Its green jobs funding, nearly 80 percent of which went to foreign firms, effectively outsourced thousands of American jobs to foreign countries, at taxpayer expense. Economists Bill Dupor and Tim Conley say that the stimulus wiped out 550,000 jobs.References :

  7. Ryan

    I think the Republicans will call anything socialism if it isn’t a handout to their own personal interests.References :

  8. DukeofDixie

    We all know what Socialism is , we all know it will not work, that’s the reason China adopted Capitalism and it moved them out of the 3rd world status and allowed their people to own a Car fro the FIRST TIME, to buy a washing machine for the FIRST TIME, buy a television for the FIRST TIME, Capitalism is the only thing that saved Russia, so continuing to sell socialism to the people, is like trying to sell a dead horse to a cowboy, he has no use for it
    look at this great little country that has been living under socialism half a century, see paragraph 7
    while their people live in absolute poverty, their big hearted spread the wealth around leader is becoming fifthly rich, his net worth is $900 million
    *********************************************************************************************************References :

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