Why are almost all republican sex scandals homosexual in nature? And committed by the anti-gay republicans?

Posted on October 22nd, 2011 by admin1 in republican email lists

An Indiana Republican state lawmaker is under scrutiny after reportedly arranging to meet a young man online and allegedly exposing himself when the pair subsequently met in person, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The AP reports:

The Indianapolis Star reported that emails suggest Republican Rep. Phillip Hinkle arranged to pay Kameryn Gibson up to $140 for “for a really good time.” The paper published emails between Hinkle and Gibson detailing a plan for them to meet at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.
The pair reportedly connected on Craigslist. Gibson indicated in a listing to which Hinkle responded that he is 20-years-old. According to the Star, however, Gibson says he is actually just 18.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, called the situation "a tragedy."

The Evansville Courier & Press reports:

Hinkle, who is 64 and was first elected in 2000, voted this spring for a constitutional gay marriage ban. Several years ago he also was the House sponsor of the measure that created Indiana’s “In God We Trust” license plates.
Hinkle is not the first politician to find himself in hot water over an alleged sex scandal involving Craigslist. U.S. Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) resigned earlier this year after finding himself embroiled in controversy. The AP reported in February:

Lee, a 46-year old Republican and married father, resigned his Buffalo-area seat … after the gossip website Gawker published e-mails he sent to a woman he met on Craigslist, including a photo where he is shirtless and flexing a biceps. Lee released a statement apologizing to his family and constituents for letting them down.
Hinkle did not deny being complicit in the situation uncovered by the Star when the local outlet contacted him for comment. He said, however, that he’s "aware of a shakedown taking place."

Peter Nugent, an attorney for the Republican lawmaker, told the Associated Press that his client would not publicly discuss the accusations he faces and that a private investigation looking into the matter is underway.

I don’t know most. I thought Republicans were afraid to have anal sex because they are so full of sh*t!

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  1. I Like Men Now

    You list two and think you can say "almost all?"References :

  2. phil

    please tell me how banning gay marriage is some how anti gay? marriage by definition is between a man and a womanReferences :

  3. Rodney A

    i thought they didn’t like it up ‘em!?!!
    bound to be hypocrites with psychotic beliefs
    in crucifixion WTFReferences :

  4. Ac

    As a con, i tik it is just as,if not more repulsive as what weiner did. Lets see how long it takes for him to step downReferences :

  5. MARK B

    There’s all kinds of this stuff going on.

    Just don’t get caught if you’re a politician or wished you were !!References :

  6. Christopher Jorden

    I know what you mean:

    Decent Democrats only flash their junk on FaceBook like the big Wiener did,
    or rape hotel maids like the socialist freak from France…:-)References :

  7. Bob

    we have no proof he wanted to have sex with the boy, maybe he just wanted to talk to him about the error of his ways.. just kidding.. of course hes against gay marriage, that would destroy his swinging gay lifestyle.References :

  8. Cheese

    How about Barney Frank? I am a Blue Dog Democrat and I think you are an idiot.References :

  9. McCall Evans

    I don’t know most. I thought Republicans were afraid to have anal sex because they are so full of sh*t!References :

  10. Brian Doyle

    repression in their lives is sad, they need to come out of their closets, and if need be, move to san franciscoReferences :

  11. nasty

    yah i dont know why u dont join upReferences :

  12. Tina

    It is called irony.References :

  13. strata

    almost all???…you silwy wittle boy!References :

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