My wife’s mom sends me Republican propoganda emails. Where can I get some democratic stuff 2 send back?

Posted on January 26th, 2011 by admin1 in republican email lists

I know that sounds weird. But my mom in law sends stuff like: "things every American should know!" And then it will go on to say something wonderful about the soldiers in Iraq and their loving families or it will spin some aspect of the democratic party. Its complete brainwashing material. As if the fact that a soldier has a loving story that makes the war in Iraq justified! Anyway I’m not looking for the equivalent in ill conceived democratic propaganda, just something to send back as a rebuttal. Where can I get some of that or get on a list?

tell her to stop making excuses for Mr. president chicken little

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  1. Dick Inass

    goggle communismReferences :

  2. josh u

    write some yourselfReferences :

  3. uncle osbert

    most of that stuff you can find rebutted on… the email chains tend to be well organized and searchable.References :

  4. desmondwaters

    The LAST thing you should do is form your own opinions off of somebody else (such as your mother-in-laws or a far left site). Just ignore it.References :

  5. dba_gregg
    http://www.moveon.orgReferences :

  6. I found a funny little ‘how to’ a while ago.
    Try googling ‘How to Become A Republican’References :

  7. sportmavericks

    Go to nd get some of those poster they re really comical.References :

  8. Suzy

    geez….send her any newspaper, magazine out there….crap, there all full of demo spin….where have u beenReferences :

  9. sydb1967

    moveon should have something for you. getting on a mailing list will give plenty of things.References :

  10. kurticus1024

    just practice morse code on your delete keyReferences : opinion, if we ignore them, maybe they will just go away

    when Spanish becomes the official language of the United States they won’t stand a chance.

  11. Chuckles D

    Just contact your local INGSOC commissar for your daily dose of Bushate.

    Don’t try to think too hard, though…References :

  12. patrickctrombly

    Why not just ignore her. Who needs propaganda from either side? This is something I never understood – why do people identify with a side and then decide to "believe" factual assertions that bolster that side? On most issues there are reliable facts – especially on economic issues. Instead of "believing" either Lou Dobbs or Steve Forbes on whether there’s a dichotomy beween "the economy on main street and the economy on wall street" why not just read the BLS data and read studies by economists that show that for the most part, there is no such dichotomy?

    I’d ignore your mother in law and also ignore the propaganda on both sides. I’m a finance guy so I’m sorry if my examples bore you, but tune out Limbaugh, don’t log onto – – watch Bloomberg and CNBC, watch Cramer.References :

  13. Babs

    Don’t lower yourself to their level. That’s all they’re about – propagandizing, being hateful and creating division instead of owning up to the facts and being able to face the truth. Just ignore your mother-in-law. Never even acknowledge you received any e-mails from her.References :

  14. michaelyoung_airforce

    My mom does the same thing and one thing I have learned is to not argue politics with people you care about. Just delete the e-mails she sends and move on. It’s not worth wasting your time for a rebuttal. :~)References :

  15. yaahoosuxdix

    Send back photos of her daughter being sodomized. That should stop the hate mail.References :

  16. x309trev

    http://www.politicalgateway.comReferences :

  17. SmartAleck

    I highly recommend that when you get the story type of emails, or even the alleged new report republican stuff, go search that topic at it is an urban legend busting site, and will tell you if the story in question is an actual news story or just misinformation that the republican spin machine has created to keep their voters frightened or otherwise supportive of their causes. i have a friend that does the same thing. I research the story, quote the snopes information and add the link to the page for the whole story, and "reply to all" on the original email address list. I have even received a nice reply from a victim… uh, sorry, addressee (that i had not met in person before) on one i received from my step-father, thanking me for finally responding with a sensible point of view and some actual facts.

    the only other option – just delete the emails from your mother-in-law. its not worth responding sometimes… Good Luck!References :

  18. ericthegreatusa

    tell her to stop making excuses for Mr. president chicken littleReferences :

  19. Middleclassandnotquiet

    www. is a good place to find whether an email is correct-a ton of the right wing emails are completely false. You can do a search online for almost anything-Veterans against iraq war" etc. There are also a lot of Republicans that have come out against the war and Bush’s policies-his policies are anti-republican in so many ways(he says smaller government when he’s done nothing but make the federal government larger and more powerful). When you can, use Republicans to dispute Republicans-those still behind Bush won’t read anything else-just partisan blindness.

    This is a Fox News story I found about Bush’s grandfather’s financial dealing with the Nazis…,2933,100474,00.html

    This from the National Security Archive-real documents about the hidtorical relationship between Saddam & the Reagan Administration including Rumsfield:

    I have many more links on a variety of topics…you have to love the internet!References :

  20. Tink

    Hold on let me dig through my garbage can and find you some… nope Trash went out on monday.References :

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