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Senator Ben Cardin (D) will be holding a town hall meeting on health care reform in Baltimore County on August 10 at 7:00 p.m.

When I called Senator Cardin’s office to get further information, I was told the way they are notifying the public about the meeting is through Senator Cardin’s constituent email list. The constituent email list is a list of people who have contacted him in the past. In other words, this “town hall” meeting is by invitation only. Further, interested constituents must RSVP in order to attend!


Dems are so scared that they are phoning in to town halls or having vetted pre-screened attendees only.

Is this what they call "DEBATE"?
@ Romare: "This is not and has never been a debate."

Well according to the democrats holding town halls it IS a debate and the protestors are stopping the "DEBATE".

So who is lying, you or them?

It’s hilarious that Democrats are scared to death to face the people they’re supposed to be serving.

Could it be that they’re not doing a very good job? Hrmmmm?

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  1. г๏๓คгє

    Good for him. Town hall meetings are for constituents to get information and to get their questions answered. This is not and has never been a debate. The paid provocateurs are out-shouting everyone so that the constituents do not get an opportunity to find out what they need to know.

    Is this what you call AMERICAN?References :

  2. ♫ɱƱ§ΐɔ ƜɑʞƐƨ ƮɧƏ ʍΘɽɩɖ ɢΏ ƦȯʋɲƉ♫

    its really low of them, but they’re always pulling this kind of crap so i can’t say i’m surprised. they will go to whatever lengths possible so that they can get this reform passed because they dont really care what the people want.References :

  3. andy g

    It is really sad THAT LIBS fear the opposing voice that they have to trample the constitution to silence the majority!!!References :

  4. how_would_I_know

    It’s hilarious that Democrats are scared to death to face the people they’re supposed to be serving.

    Could it be that they’re not doing a very good job? Hrmmmm?References :

  5. Dan J

    This is only so they hear from the purple shirts from the SEIU and can then say the people support their marxist, nazi like, un-american policies.

    Hey Ghost of Tom Joad, why are you against the will of the average person?
    Lynch Mobs? Like the Purple shirted thugs physically attacking those who they disagree with.References :

  6. Ghost of Tom Joad

    First off, were you asleep the last eight years when people were being pulled out of Bush rallies because they had an anti-Bush bumper sticker or an anti-Bush t-shirt? Why weren’t you complaining when Bush was doing a lot worse to ensure a pro-Bush crowd?

    Second of all, this is all in response to the fact that Republicans don’t know how to behave themselves during town hall meetings. Asking questions is fine, but drowning out the answers with your yells is not OK. Threatening the well being of your congressman is definitely not OK. Physically assaulting a congressman as has already happened is just disgusting behavior.

    There is no point in having town hall meetings at all if some Republican mob decides to disrupt it, preventing anyone from learning about anything that is going on.

    So the real question, is what are Republicans afraid of that they have to drown out Democrats instead of having a civil discussion?

    DanJ: I am for the will of the people. I am against lynch mobs. If you want to meet your congressman, you should know how to act in a civil manner. Since Republicans have proven this to be impossible now, Democrats are being forced to make these events invite only. If you want to have a more open debate, prove that you can behave yourselves first.References :!!!,2933,153720,00.html

  7. Bullseye

    It’s freedom of speech——— IF– your speech agrees with my speech.,

    Source: "Democrat Play Book"References :

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